N”New York City Blues”

I was born and raised in Central Avenue – down Maylands way that is. I knew a long time ago what I was gonna do. It was 1963 I was 11 years old. My mother and my father took me to see Louis Armstrong and Trini Lopez at the Capitol Theatre (February 1963). As we left the concert I went up to my Mum and said Mum I know what Im going to do with my life. Well she looked at me real strange and said Boy you crazy! Think about a real career. You gotta stop hangin around places like Wot The Hek, Dorrinas, Northside Lounge, Stables, Beach House, Snakepit, St Pats, Capitol Theatre, Club 7 Teen, Embassy Ballroom, Gaslight Club, Canterbury Court, Benjamins, Firecracker, Trendsetter, Colosseum, Zanzibar, Whisky A GoGo, Riki Tik, Latin Quarter, Hole In The Wall, Troupador Club, Top Hat, Stoned Crow, Sandgroper, Maggies Farm, Wizbah, Loaded Dog, Mojos, Hernandos Hideaway, Parkerville Amphitheatre, Fly By Night, Alberts Tavern, Gerdes Folk City, Port Fairy, Muddy Waters Blues Lounge, East Coast Blues Festival, Freedom Jam Festival – Bangalore India, Sail and Anchor, Blues At Bridgetown and so on. How was I to know I was gonna be in New York City 1982 (and 1998) singing my kind of blues – blues from the Maylands delta. No matter what you say, do, think or feel. Theres things floating through my mind. People and places in my memory – whats left of it!

This is a true story. Steve started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling. From birth he was surrounded by the music of his Macedonian ancestors and the ethnic music of Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Listening to live music at picnics and dances as a small child opened his mind and spirit to trancelike rhythms, improvisation and chanting. He started listening to the sounds of the radio Bob Dylan, Them, Animals, Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Yardbirds, Kinks, Loved Ones, Spectrum etc. He searched back further to the roots of the music he loved – and then back to the source – Africa. Steve is an Australian Griot, a Blues Shaman. He has lived and performed in the USA, Europe,Mexico and Asia – supporting some of the biggest names in music. Influences include Leadbelly, John Coltrane, Tim Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, Tony Williams Lifetime, Van Morrison, Howling Wolf, Tom Waits, Jack Bruce, Kip Hanrahan and Bob Dylan. African, Indian, Haitian and Islamic music have all had a spiritual and rhythmic influence on his own work. His love of blues, gospel and a cappella field hollers shows both in his live shows and recordings. Two lifelong ambitions came true when he toured India in 1997 and Pakistan in 2003. Explorations into Vodou, Tantra, Buddhism, Sufism, The Bible, Hinduism, Taoism and Native American Indians have affected him deeply. Awards include Songwriter Of The Year, Most Original Work, and Album Of The Year . Steve was also inducted into Western Australia Music Industrys Hall of Fame and is featured in the books – Whos Who of Australian Rock and Blues, Working Musicians and Further Down the Road.

His Eight CD Box Set – Anthology Volume One: The Sacred Path of The Fried Egg Maylands To The Gates of Hell (1962-2001)is a piece of Australian music history. The first time in Australian music history that an independent solo artist has released a box set.

Steve was also awarded an Arts WA Contemporary Music Fellowship in 2003 to study, compose and tour with master musicians in Africa, India and Greece.

Steve Tallis is unique, fiercely independent and is not a man to be compromised.

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2006 Zombi Music
(CD) ZombiCD6
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A cappella field hollers, gospel, folk blues and spirituals

  1. That Suits Me
  2. I Want My Crown
  3. I Wonder Will Mother Be On That Train (Play MP3)
  4. The Soul Of A Man
  5. Leave You In The Hands Of My God
  6. Grinning In Your Face
  7. If I Had A Ticket
  8. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (Play MP3)
  9. Going Home Big Boy (Play MP3)
  10. Then We'll Need That True Religion
  11. Can't Nobody Hide From God
  12. Go Down Old Hannah
  13. Gallis Pole
  14. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Play MP3)
  15. Hey Rattler Hey
  16. Victory Is Mine (Play MP3)
  17. Sheep Sheep Don'tcha Know The Road
  18. Yonder Come Day
  19. Grey Goose (Play MP3)
  20. Army Of The Lord


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2004 Zombi Music
(CD) zombicd5
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  1. The Blessing
  2. Animal
  3. Papa Loko
  4. Healing by the First Intention
  5. My Hands Are On Fire
  6. Coward Howard
  7. Prayer Wheel
  8. Kama
  9. Dynamite (Play MP3)
  10. Out of Control
  11. From Disease
  12. My Conscience is Clear
  13. Stop the Racist Bus (Play MP3)
  14. For God's Sake
  15. Sacred Love


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Anthology Volume 1: The Sacred Path of the Fried Egg – From Maylands to the Gates of Hell (1962-2001)

2001 Zombi Music
(8 CD Box Set plus 52 page Booklet) zombicd4
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A Limited Edition Box Set retrospective selection of unreleased songs and alternate versions of previously released material – includes 52 page booklet / photos. Live, studio, rehearsal and home recordings. Featuring some of the finest musicians from Western Australia. A first for an Australian musician. No tracks appear from the last three CDs. The first independent solo artist in Australian music history to release a Box Set!


1999 Zombi Music
(CD) zombicd3
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Featuring ’ The Suicide Ghosts ‘

  1. Crow Magik
  2. All God's Children
  3. Bury My Body
  4. Silence Is The Most Powerful Cry
  5. Cut Your Mouth Out Mama (Play MP3)
  6. Paradise
  7. Midnight The Cloud Of Darkness
  8. Boko (Sorcerer)
  9. Abobo (There Is No End)
  10. Love Is The Road That Will Walks
  11. Mama Lola
  12. Big Boat Up The River
  13. Jealousy (The Ripoff Man)
  14. When My Blood Will Come
  15. I Am Your Dream
  16. He Is Coming
  17. The Spirits Are Back


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La Hora Del Blues - Vicente Humel (Spain)
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Monkey Skulls and Thunderstones

1997 Zombi Music
(CD) zombicd2
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  1. Suicide Ghosts (Play MP3)
  2. The Panic Will Be On
  3. John The Revelator
  4. Monkey Skulls And Thunderstones
  5. Put The Acid On
  6. Looky Looky Yonder (Play MP3)
  7. Don't Blame The Sea
  8. Way Down In The Hole
  9. Black Girl
  10. Be The Echo Of My Cry
  11. Screaming
  12. Lying With The Worms (Play MP3)
  13. Can't You Line Em
  14. Draw Down The Curtain
  15. Ha Ha This A Way (Play MP3)
  16. If I Have Not Love
  17. On A Monday
  18. Serve Nobody
  19. Rock Island Line (Play MP3)
  20. New York City Blues
  21. Black Betty


Collected Reviews

Zombi Party

1993 Zombi Music
(CD) zombicd1
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  1. A Woman is a Secret
  2. Misquotes
  3. Remembrance Day
  4. Hard to Find
  5. New York City Blues
  6. Scissors
  7. Serve Nobody
  8. Scarecrow
  9. Till the Money Runs Out
  10. Alexander Monkey
  11. The Ritual
  12. Parachute
  13. 3 Times 100 Dozen Moons
  14. Dancing on the Jonquils (Play MP3)
  15. In the Lonely Hours of the Spirit
  16. There'll Be No Healing Again


Collected Reviews


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