Steve Tallis


“Where Many Rivers Meet” (Full Album)

Recorded (15/10/2019), Mixed (23/10/2019) and Mastered (24/3 & 29/3/2020) at Poon Head Studios, East Fremantle, Western Australia –
Engineer Rob Grant, Produced by Steve Tallis and Rob Grant
This album is in MONO


Steve Tallis – Vocals, SG Gibson Electric Guitar, Guild 12 string Acoustic Guitar, A Cappella vocals..

1. Call Me
2. She Makes Me Shiver
3. Yum Yum Man
4. Early In The Morning
(Traditional – arranged by Steve Tallis)
5. When I Wake Up
6. Someone Is Missing
7. No Rest For The Wicked
8. Stewball (Traditional – arranged by Steve Tallis)
9. Wade In The Water
(Traditional…arranged by Steve Tallis)
10. Where Many Rivers Meet
11. Let The Silence Suck Out The Truth
12. Bring Me Little Water Sylvy
(Huddie Ledbetter – arranged by Steve Tallis)
13. Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Woman
14. Hold Your Nerve
15. Can I Do It For You?
(Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy – Arrangement and extra lyrics Steve Tallis)
16. Black Betty
(Traditional – arranged by Steve Tallis)
17. A Method To My Madness
18. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
(Blind Lemon Jefferson – arranged by Steve Tallis)
19. Whatever Touches You
20. Broken Spirit
21. John The Revelator
(Traditional – arranged by Steve Tallis)
22. House Of The Rising Sun
(Traditional – arranged by Steve Tallis)
23. Put The Acid On
24. Another Man Done Gone
(Traditional…arranged by Steve Tallis)
25. Spiral