"José Medeiros / Acervo Instituto Moreira Salles Ritual de candomblé de iniciação das filhas-de-santo, 1951 Bahia"

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Steve performs Solo, Duo or with his band The Snakes Of Desire – available for bookings, tours, festivals etc – steve.tallis@gmail.com

France – stevetallisbooking1@gmail.com

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    This music goes to the heart because it comes from the heart.
    Bapi Das Baul @ Bauls of Bengal

    In a musical milieu that values tradition he is a bit of loose cannon, a maverick, a highly individual performer with a strong sense of self worth. I’ve never heard anyone outside the black music idiom perform a cappella field hollers with such power and commitment.
    Mark Doherty @ Rhythms

    Part Buddha, Demon, Mad Angel
    Ray Purvis @ The West

    Earthy blues, performed with a throaty voice, driven by powerful guitars. Breathless a cappella field hollers.
    Ingolf Boysen @ Glitterhouse

    Inspiring and addictive.
    Gary Joyner @ Acoustic Guitar (USA)

    Australian Griot! Arrangements stripped back to roots deep in African Griot traditions.
    Gil Onyett @ Black Routes

    An intensity and focus that’s rare.
    Doug Spencer @ ABC Radio National – The Planet

    A contemporary manifestation of fundamental man’s most basic primeval instincts. A powerful incarnation of raw beauty embodied with all the wisdom and timelessness of the ages. Unique and idiosyncratic, tempestuous power and subtle delicacy. Songs laden with power, passion, and beauty.
    Big Mike Hotz @ Radio Adelaide

    A mysterious prophet and seer preaching his gospel.
    Tom Keller @ Folk World (Germany)

    A voice full of conviction moving mountains carried by spearing acoustic rhythms. Total engagement and a rich musical vocabulary.
    Jerome Travers @ Le Docteur Blues (France)

    Nobody plays the blues like Steve. Explodes with passion and grace. Music for people who believe.
    Sylvester Fox @ Groove

    A musical shaman channeling the spirits that fuel the fire in his soul setting them free in your living room. Explosive. Powerful.
    Janvier Musson @ Cornstalk

    Australia’s Bob Dylan
    Kris Rogers @ Pelican

    One of Australia’s greatest musical visionaries. Daring, creative, personal, captivating.
    Vicente Zumel @ La Hora del Blues (Spain)

    Words that speak of the spirit. Earthy, unadorned music that comes from somewhere under the skin, this is as real as it gets. Uncompromising in his artistic integrity. One of the few artists brave enough to stand naked and imperfect within an industry that encourages conformity and compliance.
    Phil Bennett @ Nova