Steve Tallis


Zombi Party

  • Label: Zombi Party
  • Release: January 1, 1993
  • Catalog No: zombicd1


  • 01 A Woman is a Secret 3:17

  • 02 Misquotes 3:25

  • 03 Remembrance Day 4:08

  • 04 Hard to Find 3:19

  • 05 New York City Blues 5:03

  • 06 Scissors 2:38

  • 07 Serve Nobody 4:26

  • 08 Scarecrow 5:46

  • 09 Till the Money Runs Out 4:16

  • 10 Alexander Monkey 3:55

  • 11 The Ritual 3:08

  • 12 Parachute 2:35

  • 13 3 Times 100 Dozen Moons 2:56

  • 14 Dancing on the Jonquils 4:52

  • 15 In the Lonely Hours of the Spirit 2:50

  • 16 There'll Be No Healing Again 2:51


    August 19, 2022

    Australian record companies are as deaf as the ones here. Its obvious when such a great original band as this had to fund their own CD. Groovy, funky, cool with strong saxophone. Anyone feeling adventurous must a least listen to this CD. Import CD of the week!
    WOM Journal (Berlin, Germany 11/1/95)

    Inhabits a space somewhere between Tom Waits, John Coltrane and Jack Kerouac. Wild possessed rantings. Expressive and poetic vocals. Insane, impassioned and desperate sax.
    Chris Kohn @ Pelican (March 1994)

    Challenging music. An approach to the blues that shapes the form beyond the trademarks which define it for its aficionados, and the clichs that limit it for its lesser purveyors. Plenty of people say there are no rules but Tallis means it!
    Bob Gordon @ X-Press (10/3/94)

    Ambitious music executed with outstanding flair. When your nearest reference point is Captain Beefheart, you know youre in strange territory.
    Michael Dwyer @ Rolling Stone / West Australian

    Original vocal style with touches of Lou Reed and John Lee Hooker. Uncanny guitar, adventurous sax, driving drums, solid bass. Inspired!
    Graham Nowland @ Western Review (April 1994)

    Strange, dark, rich, mysterious and compelling music. Exciting, dramatic, confronting and exhausting sax. If youre feeling adventurous try this. I did, I survived and I feel a better person for it.
    Mark Doherty @ Blues on Air (December 1993)

    Powerhouse rhythm section. Adrenalin raising sax-guitar interplay. This is not a CD for dilettantes. It is often raucous, menacing and guaranteed to have you jumping around on the furniture. One of Australias finest and innovative songwriters an unsung renegade.
    Ray Purvis @ West Australian (17/3/94)

    Awesome in every facet. Truly one of my favourite ever Perth releases and stands up very well in a in an international setting. Professional, mature, diverse, well produced and presented, a true gem. A world class release, inventing genres along the way. A truly great CD.
    Heath Bradby @ Flexible Head

    A twisted combination of driving rhythms squealing sax and bent prophecy to create inspiring original music of possessed songs.
    John Pratt @ Blues Alley (6NR)

    A mind altering cocktail of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Ethnic and Rock grooves. A challenge for the ears, minds and souls of those adventurous enough to partake of the brew.
    Grok Magazine

    Some of the most proficient, original and ambitious music ever to come out of Australia.
    Jenny Temm @ West Australian