Steve Tallis



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  • 01 Suicide Ghosts 5:10

  • 02 The Panic Will Be On 3:09

  • 03 John The Revelator 1:47

  • 04 Monkey Skulls And Thunderstones 3:57

  • 05 Put The Acid On 3:13

  • 06 Looky Looky Yonder 1:19

  • 07 Don't Blame The Sea 3:34

  • 08 Way Down In The Hole 2:48

  • 09 Black Girl 1:36

  • 10 Be The Echo Of My Cry 3:23

  • 11 Screaming 2:07

  • 12 Lying With The Worms 6:43

  • 13 Can't You Line Em 1:13

  • 14 Draw Down The Curtain 3:24

  • 15 Ha Ha This A Way 1:45

  • 16 If I Have Not Love 3:25

  • 17 On A Monday 1:14

  • 18 Serve Nobody 3:12

  • 19 Rock Island Line 1:38

  • 20 New York City & Black Betty 0:22


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CD, Digital Download (Full), Track: Suicide Ghosts, Track: The Panic Will Be On, Track: John The Revelator, Track: Monkey Skulls And Thunderstones, Track: Put The Acid On, Track: Looky Looky Yonder, Track: Don't Blame The Sea, Track: Way Down In The Hole 1, Track: Black Girl 1, Track: Be The Echo Of My Cry, Track: Screaming, Track: Lying With The Worms, Track: Can't You Line Em, Track: Draw Down The Curtain 1, Track: Ha Ha This A Way 1, Track: If I Have Not Love, Track: On A Monday, Track: Serve Nobody, Track: Rock Island Line, Track: New York City & Black Betty

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    In a musical milieu that values tradition he is a bit of a loose cannon a maverick a highly individual performer with a strong sense of self worth. Ive never heard anyone outside the black music idiom perform a cappella field hollers with such power and commitment. A major talent!
    Mark Doherty @ Rhythms Magazine

    A real revelation. Ghosts of backwoods cane breaks sneaking out to the gravel pits of the west in the moonlight. Lost souls in the under hemisphere finding a voice in the fingers of a small man with a head full of blues from the big bad mudball. Somebody done hoodood with the Hoodoo Man.
    Armadillo Slim

    Stunning lyrical imagery – Voodoo Blues.
    Damian Siveright @ X- Press

    Australian GRIOT! Arrangements stripped back to roots deep in African Griot traditions. A dazzling array of Eastern and African percussion. Like its predecessor a controversial production destined to be central to many arguments! Blues? For me very essentially so!
    Gil Onyett @ Black Routes

    Blues Shaman!
    Sue Yeap @ West Australian – Arts Today

    Another well – realized missive from his delta-drenched muse. The Maylands Mystic draws strength from his conviction and purity of delivery. Ambitious music executed with outstanding flair. When youre nearest reference point is Captain Beefheart you know youre in strange territory.
    Michael Dwyer @ West

    Australias Bob Dylan
    Kris Rogers @ Grok Magazine

    Zombified Acid Blues. A series of incisive vignettes stripped to the bone. Magic sound drawings drawn with honesty and intense sincerity. Uncompromising in his artistic integrity and openly venomous about anything that irks him .One of the few artists brave enough to stand naked and imperfect within an industry that encourages conformity and compliance.
    Phil Bennet @ Nova Magazine

    A strange international cosmic traveller, his music is popular subtle personal and also more difficult to describe than the taste of a kiwi fruit – you have to try it!
    Philippe Langlois @ Dixiefrog Records (France)

    One of our finest and innovative songwriters – an unsung renegade!
    Ray Purvis

    I first met Steve in January 1997. We spent two days together and tuned our minds. Then a year later we just took our instruments did not rehearse a single thing and played just as if we had known each other musically since a very long time. We actually reached another level of communication.
    Toups Bebey -Africa

    An intensity and focus thats rare. An uncommonly good bandleader. He always gives the other players some room and allows something to happen in the moment. Combining elements and instruments from Macedonia to Brazil from field holler to hot fiddle from Indian hand drums to 12-string guitar. Theres nothing faddish about the music -definitely not purveyors of the dreaded World Fuzak.
    Doug Spencer @ ABC Radio National – The Planet

    Stephanie Marcus @ Traumton Records (Berlin)

    I always enjoy working with Steve. I like to watch him weave his spell over an audience using hypnotic rhythms, which work their way into your mind. Once theyre in there thats when they start to mess with you. You leave the show a little weirder a little wilder a little wiser. Yeah!
    Jeff Lang

    Steve so creatively mixes various traditions – the sounds are wonderful.
    Stephen McArthur @ Multicultural Media (USA)

    I eat music for breakfast lunch and dinner. Steves cooking satisfies like dream food in a fairy tale. Taste understand surrender and get hooked to the funk-soul-folk-whacky sound.
    Julia Laurie – Hammid @ WRPI New York (USA)

    Steve places demands upon his listeners. The generous rewards he dishes out in return are highly intense moments of rootsy bliss – from field hollers
    (A highly unique feature of Steves live shows)& intense ethereal & highly different tunes that inspire reflection.
    Hans Deberitz @ West Coast Blues Revue

    A unique style blending Blues Gospel Ethnic and Jazz into a form of musical art that has to be seen to be believed.
    Chuck Smeeton @ On The Street

    Steve Tallis is not a man to be compromised!
    X-Press Magazine

    A hell of an album – has a great attitude!
    Mitch Satalof @ Hired Gun Marketing

    A truly original artist.
    Jamie McKew @ Port Fairy Folk Festival

    A personal musical gourmet dish of deep rootsy feelings dipped in a contemporary sound garnished with gentle extravaganza!
    Nico A. Mertens @ Parsifal (Belgium)

    One of the most unique songwriters Ive ever heard – a man with vision!
    One of the albums of the decade.
    Lutz Mastmeyer @ Glitterhouse (Germany)

    One of the mainstays of the Western Australian Blues scene. A distinctive voice.
    Chris Spencer @ Whos Who Of Australian Rock and Blues

    Impossible to categorize – pure musical pleasure – hypnotic haunting exciting unique. Roots music at its very finest. Brilliant!
    Big Mike Hotz @ South Australian Blues Society / 5UVAM

    This avant-garde approach to musical creativity defies definite categorization.
    Glenn Nelson @ Highway 49 / Plenty Valley FM

    Steves vocals are reminiscent of Pearl Jams Eddie Veder when he goes off on his spiritual tangents.
    Chris Thomas @ Sunday Times

    Julie Fehlberg @ Blues Times (Sydney Blues Society)

    Brothers and sisters – a tankard of a talent to say the least! A bit like walking into an ice creamery and having to choose between 1001 different flavours. Great originals – awesome Leadbelly interpretations.
    Mark Radar Watson (Mr. Blues)